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Freedom from the madness …

Freedom from the madness can be found amongst the trees; the lungs of the earth.

Back in the Dale for some short term immersion in the natural world where there is wild remedy for many a mind.

I love January; here’s why:

There is a rawness to the air. It makes me feel alive. The cold is bitter, but it’s also fresh, cleansing, utterly invigorating and uplifting in equal measure.

It’s also transient.

There’s nothing more grounding than the simple understanding that we are as temporary as the seasons.

Winter months are difficult for some, but by embracing every cold, dark day with our hearts full, we can encourage our minds to see beauty in every moment that we breathe. The very act of breathing is a joy in itself…. and completely underrated.

Mindset is everything.

If you can, let your heart lead.

Head to the trees.

Catch the breeze.

Find connection in the barren landscape.

Tread the earth in gentle rhythm with it.

Embrace the winter light.

Learn to love every day we’re gifted with breath. It won’t always be so.

Warmest winter wishes

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