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Seasonal. Mindful. Sustainable.

I believe that nature provides a wild remedy which is nourishing to many. My floral designs are bespoke and carefully crafted. I work in the moment, with attention to the natural world.

My flowers are seasonal and British grown.

I work with flowers and foliage grown here, or sourced from other British growers and flower farmers.  I will always advise on provenance, and look for the lowest carbon footprint for my flowers.

My gardening is based on organic principles, and my practice is as sustainable as possible (foam and plastic free, no chemicals or pesticides, and with no/limited air miles).

Dried flowers and scented herbs are also used.  

I believe that being alongside nature, in green space, is soothing and ultimately restorative for both mind and body.

Mindful flowers are those of the moment that reset your soul back to its nature setting.




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