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What's in season?

I'm here from Springtime, until the first frosts, and again during Festive wreath season.

The main growing season for British flowers here is April to October. As we are fully into summer now, everything is coming up in the garden borders and there is much promise ahead of full colour and seasonal scent from all the usual summer flowers over the next couple of months.

From March/April time I have seasonal, bespoke bunches and bouquets available on request, with adequate notice, but please contact me for my latest local availability.  You can reach me to enquire or order by using the button below.

Small scented jars/bunches start from £15, with British seasonal flowers and foliage, wrapped in kraft or tissue paper ready for you to place in a jug on your table. Gift bouquets are available to suit your requirements from £40 upwards, each in biodegradable paper wrap and in a sustainable water source for you.

Seasonal wreaths are available all year round, too.  If you'd like a bouquet or wreath as the seasons move along, email me by connecting through the button below.

(Flowers will vary from images shown based on seasonal availability)


Gallery Images

photo 01-10-2019, 11 02 26.jpg
photo 23-07-2019, 18 56 33.jpg
photo 23-07-2019, 17 09 57.jpg
photo 17-04-2020, 15 48 06.jpg
photo 23-12-2019, 15 25 04.jpg
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