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February is with us, and we're getting closer to Spring, and to some emergence out of the grip of the past challenging year.

January was a month of snow and snuggling down, and to keep spirits lifted there was a challenge on Instagram created by three wonderful flower growing women who make up @businessofflowers (The Business of Selling Flowers): Carol Siddorn, Claire Brown and Paula Baxter, respectively @carolsgarden, @plantpassion and @millpondflowerfarm

The #flowerfarmerama challenge was to spend January with daily posts (Monday to Friday) introducing ourselves and our small businesses.

It kept up going, and was wonderful to read. You can read my daily posts if you head over to Instagram, or view the images from this website.

It was an excellent way of providing new followers with some insight into our businesses; what we grow, how we style, what's important to us and how we see the future.

The future is vaccines, for sure, but it's also flowers, isn't it, because they brighten our day and give us hope.

We've all enjoyed the boosts that being in nature, in our gardens, and out on walks gives us, and it's the flowers that light up our lives.

I've been doing occasional contactless deliveries of seasonal blooms, and it's been lovely to hear the joy they bring.

One lovely customer yesterday told me how much she loved them. That, in turn, brightened my own day.

With Valentines Day approaching, I want to encourage you to leave behind the red imported roses and turn, instead, to seasonal British flowers. They are more scented, use no pesticides or herbicides as they grow, and take no air miles to get to you. When you buy British seasonal flowers, you're helping to protective planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Its so important.

There is no Planet B.

We need to be mindful of that.

So, on Valentines Day, you won't get red roses from a British seasonal florist, but you'll get so much more.

Image @wlovephotos

Flowers by @themindfulseasonalist

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