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Popping Up ...

I'm delighted to be part of the Christmas Fair held at Samlesbury Hall this year.

It skipped a year, due to our least favourite C word but its back again for our the only C word we need to read!

Christmas will soon be upon us.

It's time to consider what you might buy, and which local businesses you might support.

Small businesses have taken such a hit over the last 18 months. I've seen several, close by to me, stop trading and close their doors when they were unable to diversify because of lockdown.

Where I can this year, I am supporting local, and buying from small enterprises who need to be held up. These local businesses are full of hard working people, trying to make a living. They are the true Amazons of this world; the grafters, the committed, the small but mighty.

There will be lots of small businesses at Samlesbury Hall Christmas Fair on Sunday 30 November. Please come along if you can and chose to support the artists, the crafters, the dedicated, the believers and the committed artisans who make our world a better place to be. Choose the small amazon over the global giant of Amazon. It just makes sense.

I'll have some seasonal wreaths for your doors, some dried flower posies and vessels, as well as some CoCoSoy candles from another small business I like to support. I'm sharing the love, and hope you will too.

So, let's meet: Sunday 28 November from 11.00am to 4.00pm.

It would be most lovely to see you.

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