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Updated: Sep 24, 2023

It's been a delight to host workshops at Brinscall hall this year..

The Untamed Garden Bowl was a private workshop for two lovely friends; one of whom had gifted the class to the other for mutual benefit. I loved their company.

We had a tour around the Gardens at Brincall Hall first of all, and used the way that Nature grows as inspiration for the style of our garden bowls. There were arching stems, wild flowers, and an abundance of colour as everything in the garden was starting to show up in abundance.

The first bowl from K was full of sunshine and seasonal delights; Ranunculus, Tulips and also Hawthorne blossom and other foliage. We harvested Buttercups, part of the Ranunculus family, as their small bright, upturned faces were an absolute joy.

In contrast, the more subtle colours of late Spring/early summer were chosen by L; a softer palette for her own intuitive styling. There was Hawthorn blossom, and soft pink Ranunculus, but also Aquilegia to add to the mix. A full meadow of flowers, in gorgeous shades that spoke to L from deep within.

It was beautiful (and humbling) to see the connection within creativity and the full sense of 'flow' that emerged from these two lovely ladies; how they connected with each other in a wonderful, supportive friendship, and how they each designed their garden bowls as a reflection of what they loved and what they held.

These one to one/one to two workshops work beautifully; they allow a safe and comfortable space in which to truly leave behind all of life's challenges, and they enable creativity intuitively without any sense of pressure.

All the mechanics are sustainable, as are the flowers; British grown, seasonal and no floral foam. The bowls and mechanics can be used time and again as I encourage you to restyle them frequently as a way to bring the outdoors in and savour the seasons at home.

Please be in touch if you would like to spend time creating bowls or bouquets with seasonal flowers. There is no better way to spend some meaningful time on yourself and learn techniques you can take forward ti use at home.

To my two ladies from The Untamed Garden Bowl; thank you for being with me and sharing a morning of creative 'wild remedy'. I truly loved your company.

More workshops will be published as the year moves along.

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