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My wreath order book is complete now, apart from one or two, and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those who wished that I create something for them. Of course, I have my regular, kind customer base locally, and I am grateful for you. For others to whom I am new, thank you also for trusting me with your festive door design.

My wreaths are inspired by what nature shares with us. My foliage is British, bought or foraged respectfully, and no two wreaths are the same. That said, they contain similar ingredients, and this year I thanked also the passing pheasants who dropped feathers in the garden for me.

My seasonal circles are walks in hedgerows. I use natural ingredients where I can, and for me the journey around every wreath is a slow, deliberate and therapeutic one.

I share below some of the images from this year, and hope that you will enjoy them for the natural beauty that they are.

If you have bought from me, once you are done with the wreath on your door, I ask that you remove anything secured with a wire, and retain the decoration for next year. Then, please place the wreath in a quiet corner of your garden, at ground level, so that the birds and other wildlife can take from it what they need for nesting through the winter.

The wreaths will shed and decompose for up to 12 months, and make an excellent source of extra bedding for the smaller, more vulnerable creatures that need it most. When the wreath ring is clear, you can use it again next year. Being as sustainable as possible and giving back to the environment are things I very much love to do here.

So, enjoy whatever this season provides for you, and ensure that you also provide for others, from your heart, and with nature in mind.

My thanks to you

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