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New Year; the new way

We're still in Winter, and the festive wreath making season has now become a time for rest and restoration. I'm grateful for all those who have come along to my winter workshops or bought seasonal wreaths from me. I've loved having you alongside and creating wreaths for you.

Just as in the natural world, it's now time to slow down and take what we need from the Wintertime in order to re-energise for spring. This might look like enjoying deeper sleep when we can, or using essential oils or essences to rebalance, It may look like treading more softly on our planet by making more sustainable choices, or advocating for ourselves by choosing more gentle movement over something more strenuous. Yoga is a perfect example of more disciplined movement that is both helpful for mind and body.

When it's possible to choose a softer way in the winter months, we tune into the seasons as our ancestors did; preserving our energy and building up our reserves in order to be ready for Spring.

The garden is dormant above the surface, but herbaceous perennials, for example, save all their reserves underground, ready for the lighter and warmer days. We can start to choose seeds to sow in Spring that will bloom in the summer, and, likewise, we can start to plan how we move out of the winter, when the time is ready, and push forward into the light.

My flower season for sales and workshops will start once the Winter is out. I will be selling flowers, most probably, climate permitting, from March or April. In addition, I will plan for workshops and advertise them here, or you can be in touch if there is something you would like to learn as the seasons progress.

For now, my grateful thanks for support my small business, for following here, on Facebook or Instagram, and for connecting with me in other ways which have been a delight for me.

I send you my best wishes for a peaceful, healthy new year, and hope that our paths cross very soon.

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