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Last year, I started to use gentle weekly prompts from fellow creative @katecullenstyle to share some words with you that may resonate.

Let me tell you my thoughts about Shadows, as I continue to share with you a little of my deeper self so that you can can begin to understand the essence of who I am, and what my little business is about.

We all have shadows at our inner depths; those things we keep hidden; whether it be fear, anxiety, insecurity, a lack of confidence or worth.

I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to hold those things, and, in safety, examine from where they come. Grant yourself permission, and unravel them slowly.

Centuries of conditioning often prevent our true insight. Shadows can subdue our curiosity and suppress our growth. Understanding the origin of our shadows can create new possibilities which, in turn, allow us to emerge from behind the shade that holds us back.

Exploring your own self is a key component of my workshops with seasonal flowers; listening to your heart, setting an intention to take control of your mindset, trusting your judgement, appreciating your self worth and allowing intuition to guide you.

If you never take the step out onto the branch, you will never know if you can fly.

Step out.

Free your mind.

Know you’re worthy.

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