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World Mental Health Day; seasonally

Today is World Mental Health Day 2020.

This year I'm certain many of us feel a state of anxiety given the months we've had to endure; out of our control. It's been hard. Sometimes we just need to pause for a while, and offer some comfort and calm to our own selves, as well as to others who are struggling.

These are challenging times. We need to be mindful that not every day is someone's good day, and that, for some, the weeks and months are difficult, daily. Maybe for us?

Its good to talk, but sometimes talking isn't always easy.

It can help to be outdoors, to see the sky, to look up and above, rather than below, and to focus on moving forward and not back, wherever it's possible to do that.

Nature can be a wild remedy for those who seek it, and are able to gain nourishment from it. There is a rhythm to life, to the seasons, and some comfort from the fact that, when they return, as they do year after year, there is a familiarity about them, and therefore, in theory at least, nothing to fear. They are like old friends returning.

Wreaths are symbolic of the circle of our lives and are beautiful for any season. However, Autumn is that friend we embrace for the colours and tones and textures particular to it; for the warmth of its glow, and the comfort of its return.

Be well, all.

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