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Wreath Workshops in Tier 3

To all pre-booked participants of my 'Finding Comfort & Joy Workshops at Samlesbury Hall:

Hello there. It is with genuine sadness that I am reconnecting with you now in relation my wreath workshops at Samlesbury Hall.

In view of the Government announcement this last week, about tiers, I must tell you that they cannot now go ahead. Samlesbury Hall is unable to reopen, and, even if it could, the rule of two households being unable to meet indoors would defeat us. For all of you who were so looking forward to it, it is a real blow. I am so so sorry. I would have loved to have met you, and created something beautiful with you, but we cannot now do that.

Please, therefore, tell me what you would wish me to do.

I am happy to refund your ticket without issue.

Alternatively, I can design you a seasonal wreath, and hand deliver it to you locally, contact free, together with your Ethel & Co scented candle, and a bottle of Prosecco. Although you won’t have created your wreath, it would be my pleasure to make one for you.

The choice is entirely yours:

If you choose the refund I will process this through Eventbrite as quickly as possible.

If you decide to opt for a wreath, with scented candle and Prosecco, I would be grateful for details of the address to which I can deliver it with my very best wishes for the festive season.

I hope, when we return to some kind of normal, that we can meet and hold other workshops at Samlesbury Hall. I have lots planned with them, including a wellness garden, and more workshops next year as we head into Spring, and onwards through the seasons of 2021.

I would love you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram If you’d like to. I’ll share details of how we can connect again in the future, and Samlesbury Hall will also publish details of any forthcoming events.

Thank you for your patience, and your understanding. I am more sorry than you can know.

Lockdown may have defeated the workshops, but it won’t defeat our spirit.

Please take care of yourselves

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