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Bloom basics: how to care for your first flower design from me

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I love a seasonal vase. So often, they come packaged in plastic wrap. Not mine!

My seasonal British flowers come to you, straight from the garden or from growers, in a jar of water, and packaged in either brown paper, or an eco-friendly wrap. They will have been conditioned and well hydrated. Remove all the packaging, and take the flowers out of the jar, but keep them tied to preserve the bouquet shape, unless you want a more free-style, loose design. Recut the stems on the diagonal, and place them into fresh water, in a container of your choice that adequately shows them at their best.

The re-cutting of stems is important, as sometimes flower stems become blocked and need a re-cut to allow them to drink better. You need only snip off about 1cm or so. Fresh water is bacteria free, and the water should be changed every two days, with a fresh re-cut of stems to ensure that it remains clear and uncontaminated from the stems themselves Try to keep your bouquet away from heat, and fruit (which can emit ethylene that doesn't suit certain flower types).

Your design will last longer if you care for it, and it will nurture you far more if you keep it looking fresh. It will smell beautiful and bloom nicely. It will lift you and make you smile to see it. I hope you love it.

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