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Bespoke bouquet: how best to order

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

It can be daunting knowing what to order. You need a hand-tied arrangement as a gift for a loved one - what to choose? I hope these suggestions will give you some clarity about what to order bearing in mind my ethos and my styling.

Firtly, know that I work seasonally. This means that if you would like red roses on Valentines Day, you will be disappointed. British roses are not in bloom in February; they are available from late May onwards. I will be suggesting other flowers to you, so, taking into account seasonality, my second suggestion is to be open minded, and accepting of a little guidance. Your blooms will be perfect if you understand how I work, and allow me to work with you on the kind of bouquet you would like.

Thirdly, look to nature, and all that is wild. Flowers need space to be at their very best. Breath and movement in a bouquet design will give it volume, and make it look fresh, and garden inspired.

If you have a colour preference, tell me. I will do my best based on what is in season. However, please know that seasonal may mean only one or two flowers of the colour you like, but I will highlight it within the bouquet so that it will be a focal colour in a mix of other gorgeous colours.

Finally, tell me what you want the bouquet to say. Is it a celebration bouquet, or something more meaningful? Flowers have meanings too. Colours of flowers also mean different things. If I know what you wish to convey, I can allow your flowers to speak for you.

A truly bespoke arrangement will be seasonal, open, fresh, with texture, colour and meaning - unique to you, and for you

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