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Flowers are out, out, OUT!

Yesterday in the garden; catching my breath at all the green shoots in just a week’s worth of away time.

Beautiful sun to lift the mood of absolutely anyone. There was so much birdsong, so much bug life and, lucky me, a garden for us all to thrive in.

Flower sales are open.

Please order through my website by message or email, with as much notice as possible for proper conditioning (pre care prior to making up your flower bunch of absolute seasonal joy). Flowers are grown by me and/or supplemented by flowers grown from other British growers. They are grown without use of pesticides or other chemicals, and all bunches and bouquets are wrapped sustainably; no cellophane or plastics.

Always true to my ethos of providing British only flowers in their natural season, these are the flowers that I adore and I hope you will too.

In this one, Hellebores, Tulips, Hyacinths, Camassia, all the glorious scented green health you need, plus some twiggery pokery, and wafts of deliciousness.

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