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Summer Styling workshop

British flowers are at their peak in summertime, and dressing your table, whether indoors or outdoors is an absolute delight. Please join me at Samlesbury Hall on Sunday, 17 July 2022 from 10:30am, for a morning of wellbeing as we create summer bowls of beautiful British blooms for the wild remedy that they bring. The joy of mindful creativity with the scents of the season will lift you, and we'll do this together as we embrace the best of British flowers. I will show you ho

Seasonal Plans

Oh, the joy of making plans! I''m popping up this coming year to sell some glorious British flowers at Samlesbury Hall, on Preston New Road, Samlesbury, PR5 0UP on the second Sunday of every month from the start of the British growing season, April, through to the end, October. The dates are: Sunday 10 April 2022 Sunday 8 May 2022 Sunday 12 June 2022 Sunday 10 July 2022 Sunday 14 August 2022 Sunday 11 September 2022 Sunday 9 October 2022 If the weather is good, you'll find me


How is it almost mid January already?! This mild winter (so far) is making me want to move fast forward to Spring, but we must be patient. I can see there are stirrings in the garden; bulbs planted last year are starting to show, and there is a hint of fresh green tips to most flowering shrubs already. From the start of Spring, there will once more be seasonal flowers. Tulips, Ranuculus, Narcissi and Sweet William are some of my favourites. The Butterfly Ranuculus, shown i

Thank you British Flowers

Yesterday, 20 June 2021, at the close of British Flowers Week, I was in the delightful location of Samlesbury Hall, with British flowers for sale. It was a wonderful day, spent chatting to people who were visiting about British flowers and why you should choose them over imported flowers. There was also talk of seasonality, respectful foraging, but mostly about the joy of bringing British and garden flowers into our homes. There were bouquets for sale, and thank you to the l

British Flowers Week

It's British Flowers Week! This concept of celebrating British Flowers has come from Covent Garden Market @marketflowers, and I'm delighted to be a part of it by holding a pop up stall at Samlesbury Hall this coming Sunday, 18th June, which is also Fathers Day UK. I'll have some of the best British flowers available for you to buy, take home, and display in your windows; such is the idea behind this week. We are to show the world what's great about British flowers, grown her

Supporting Flower Farmers

As a member of the Flowers From The Farm community, I can tell you that its a been huge source of support and inspiration for me. A 'not for profit' organisation: it is a safe community for British flower famers and growers to be united for the purpose of cultivating and promoting the sale of beautiful British flowers in all their magnificent glory, and to share experiences. Within the community, there is always plentiful advice available about growing British flowers in what

Transient beauty

Peony season is coming to an end. Large and luscious blooms start to fade in mid June, leaving space for sunflowers and other full summer flowers. I will miss them but their passing is almost as lovely to watch as their life. The petals crumple and soften. They turn to marshmallow, and melt away. They scatter their confetti to the ground retaining the same colour they had whilst upright, but they do it so gently. Like a faint. A dignified and glorious collapse. I can har

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