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British Flowers Week

It's British Flowers Week!

This concept of celebrating British Flowers has come from Covent Garden Market @marketflowers, and I'm delighted to be a part of it by holding a pop up stall at Samlesbury Hall this coming Sunday, 18th June, which is also Fathers Day UK.

I'll have some of the best British flowers available for you to buy, take home, and display in your windows; such is the idea behind this week. We are to show the world what's great about British flowers, grown here, without chemicals or pesticides, and delivered to you, field to vase, with no air miles, and a considerably reduced carbon footprint.

My own flowers are wrapped without cellophane, in kraft paper, and/or with a kraft gift bag. They are fresh, scented and gloriously British.

I'm proud to be a member of Flowers From The Farm, a not for profit organisation of florist growers and flower farmerss nation-wide. My flowers are either grown by me, on a small scale here, or bought from flower farmers up and down the country, picked fresh, and delivered within a day or two of harvest The huge benefit of that is that they reach you fresher as they haven't had a travel life of up to 10 days or mere before they are available in supermarket stores. The wrapping is biodegradable, and the lack of chemicals pumped into them mean that they are much better for the environment, and, of course, much better for you.

I'd love to see you at Samlesbury Hall, Preston New Road, Samlesbury, Lancashire, on Sunday morning from 11.00am to 2.00pm. Once I've sold what I have, there will be no more that day, but if you'd like another chance to buy British seasonal flowers, let me know.and I can host another pop up stall at another time. I love to share the very best of the seasons with you; seasonal flowers are, for me, the ultimate wild remedy. I hope they are for you, too.

You can find your nearest Flowers From The Farm grower/florist by visiting

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