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As women, we’re so completely connected to the seasons. It flows through our bodies and runs deep inside our veins. Spring is our time to embrace growth.

If you’d like to explore the elements of this season, I invite you to join the Spring ‘Renew and Expand’ day retreat offering from @katiewinderyoga of @growthandgratitudestudio Coupe Green (Hoghton), on Sunday 14 April, where our two practices will combine.

This wonderful day of wellness has been designed by Katie to include meditation, journalling, and warm, flowing yoga practices inspired by traditional Chinese Medicine to awaken energy and inspire growth.

My session, mid morning, will further connect you with Spring as we embrace wreath making using all that nature provides for us in the moment.  Heart led for our mind’s benefit, we’ll work intuitively in the flow of our craft with the treasures of this seasons bounty.

Katie will finish the day with Yin yoga and sound bathing so that you leave feeling nourished, energised and renewed.

I’m delighted that Katie and I have connected in this way; each of us cherishing our love of movement, creativity and the natural flow of all things seasonal and sacred.

The route to further information and booking is through Katie’s @growthandgratitudestudio website, here

I do hope you’ll join us.

📷 @themindfulseasonalist


Image of me @wild_meadow

“Come forth into the light of things,

Let Nature be your teacher.”

(William Wordsworth)

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