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Styling with seasonal flowers

The soft, crumpling collapse of the garden roses.. September styling; of the season. Wen asked 'what is my style" for me, it’s simply this; slow. Slow flowers, slow and seasonal styling, and intuitive design. There’s no rush, is there? Like any art form, composition is everything. It draws the eye along the pathway we’ve created. It must be heart led. We must switch off our minds chatter, and breathe in the moment, so that we can use floral design as a therapy, even if

On belonging ...

For the last year, I've been sharing my thoughts and words on Instagram by following a series of weekly prompts from Kate Cullen; a photographer and branding designer, who set down a challenge at the start of 2022 to post weekly about ourselves and our businesses. It's time to share them here. I'll be adding to this journal as the weeks move on, and so here's a taste of what I had to say about 'Family' and where you might belong. I hope you enjoy reading it. Family We all b

Come create the hedgerow of your imagination ....

Come take a walk with me … .. along the hedgerows of your imagination; a circular tour, mindfully. I love the magic of Autumn. It’s a season of such warmth; full of berries and fruit, and wild abundance. It brings crispy notes, faded glory, and seasonal textures. It’s the season of letting go, and the trees show us how to do that so beautifully. Autumn wreaths; Sunday 2nd October, from 10.30am @samlesburyhall - NO LONGER AVAILABLE Six places available. The cost to y

Seasonal Plans

Oh, the joy of making plans! I''m popping up this coming year to sell some glorious British flowers at Samlesbury Hall, on Preston New Road, Samlesbury, PR5 0UP on the second Sunday of every month from the start of the British growing season, April, through to the end, October. The dates are: Sunday 10 April 2022 Sunday 8 May 2022 Sunday 12 June 2022 Sunday 10 July 2022 Sunday 14 August 2022 Sunday 11 September 2022 Sunday 9 October 2022 If the weather is good, you'll find me


How is it almost mid January already?! This mild winter (so far) is making me want to move fast forward to Spring, but we must be patient. I can see there are stirrings in the garden; bulbs planted last year are starting to show, and there is a hint of fresh green tips to most flowering shrubs already. From the start of Spring, there will once more be seasonal flowers. Tulips, Ranuculus, Narcissi and Sweet William are some of my favourites. The Butterfly Ranuculus, shown i

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