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Styling with seasonal flowers

The soft, crumpling collapse of the garden roses.. September styling; of the season. Wen asked 'what is my style" for me, it’s simply this; slow. Slow flowers, slow and seasonal styling, and intuitive design. There’s no rush, is there? Like any art form, composition is everything. It draws the eye along the pathway we’ve created. It must be heart led. We must switch off our minds chatter, and breathe in the moment, so that we can use floral design as a therapy, even if we don’t realise we need to be mended. This can’t be done quickly. Slow is the way. Softness of self; the slow surrender to self care. I offer more than a workshop; more a mindset. Settle for nothing less. #seasonalstyling #stylingtheseasons #summerstyle #latesummerdays #septemberflowers #seasonalfloralstyle #stylinginspiration #livinginstyle #themindfulseasonalist

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