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On belonging ...

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

For the last year, I've been sharing my thoughts and words on Instagram by following a series of weekly prompts from Kate Cullen; a photographer and branding designer, who set down a challenge at the start of 2022 to post weekly about ourselves and our businesses. It's time to share them here.

I'll be adding to this journal as the weeks move on, and so here's a taste of what I had to say about 'Family' and where you might belong. I hope you enjoy reading it.


We all belong somewhere but, at times, we don’t always feel like a good fit, do we? That’s our instinct kicking in; our ancestral voice. We must take heed of it.

Sometimes we knock at all the old doors, and give our love and endeavour in all the wrong places. A rose will never fit into the Lily family … though a Geum will….. so we must stay true to ourselves.

I’ve learned to let go, and also to never feel the need to apologise for taking up space. If people don’t relate to you, that’s their issue; not yours. Instead, if you’re a rose, go find roses. There is nothing wrong with lilies, but they’re not your tribe.

Exile is an ancient tale, yet the solution is simply this; “Do your art.” Keep doing your thing. Move on, and keep moving.

Celebrate being unique.

Acceptance of our own wild beauty is a freedom we struggle with. There is no need.

Be true to you.

Create for you.

You will find your people.

They will feel like warmth and light, and they will not judge. Their arms will be open. They will have waited for you, having also felt exiled themselves.

Family is the gentle prompt from @katecullenstyle this week.

Original 📷 credit @wild_meadow overlaid by one of mine.

Forever inspired by the tales of Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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