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Thank you British Flowers

Yesterday, 20 June 2021, at the close of British Flowers Week, I was in the delightful location of Samlesbury Hall, with British flowers for sale.

It was a wonderful day, spent chatting to people who were visiting about British flowers and why you should choose them over imported flowers. There was also talk of seasonality, respectful foraging, but mostly about the joy of bringing British and garden flowers into our homes.

There were bouquets for sale, and thank you to the lovely lady who bought three for her daughters, as well as thanks to those who bought jam jar flowers, loose flower wraps, and also small 'floral therapy' glass bottles, each with some of natures 'wild remedy' within them. The gorgeous thing about these little bottles is that they can be refilled time and again from your own gardens, so that you are forever bringing the outside in, throughout the seasons. Such a tonic.

I was so happy to see one tiny little girl helping her Daddy choose just the right floral bottle she wanted. She breathed each of them in so carefully. She settled for s sweet scented Desdemona rose with buds, nestled alongside a little eryngium, alchemilla and catmint. I love that she chose it herself.

The flower therapy bottles were popular, and you might wonder why. It's this; they are whimsical, beautifully shaped, delicate, mindful. full of scent, reminiscent of old dressing tables and lace, soft, comforting, and

they make you feel good. I named them 'floral therapy' for a reason. They are tiny 'light givers', and they can be refilled time and again. Just stealing a glance at them will lighten your mood. There is nothing about them that doesn't appeal to the eye or to the senses. It's what nature intended; a natural, wild remedy.

Thank you again to everyone who called by to speak to me, to find our more about British flowers, and the Flowers From the Farm community that I'm part of. I hope you will always look for seasonal flowers to grace the tables of your homes; always scented, always grown across Britain and, so, not imported, not grown with chemicals or pesticides, and, of course, forever in season.

Nature is always here when you need it. Seek it out for the light it brings

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