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Transient beauty

Peony season is coming to an end. Large and luscious blooms start to fade in mid June, leaving space for sunflowers and other full summer flowers. I will miss them but their passing is almost as lovely to watch as their life. The petals crumple and soften. They turn to marshmallow, and melt away. They scatter their confetti to the ground retaining the same colour they had whilst upright, but they do it so gently. Like a faint. A dignified and glorious collapse. I can hardly bear to throw them away.

The Japanese have a love affair with peonies like no other; the Tree Peonies, especially. Artists and Poets create their work inspired by them, and I can see why. This Haiku is just the kind of writing that befits my image:

"The peonies have fallen,

We parted

Without regret"

- Hokushi

As much beauty in decay here, as is there is in full bloom; a transient beauty. A reminder of the full circle of life in one short season, but the delicious anticipation that they will be back again next year. I hope you enjoyed them whilst they stood.

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