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Supporting Flower Farmers

As a member of the Flowers From The Farm community, I can tell you that its a been huge source of support and inspiration for me. A 'not for profit' organisation: it is a safe community for British flower famers and growers to be united for the purpose of cultivating and promoting the sale of beautiful British flowers in all their magnificent glory, and to share experiences.

Within the community, there is always plentiful advice available about growing British flowers in whatever space you have available, but these last three-four months have been particularly trying for those flower farmers who have had to work even harder to keep their businesses afloat by whatever means possible.

Fortunately, many local people have shown how much bouquets of British flowers have cheered them during these difficult times. Whilst British flower growers have no weddings to bloom, bouquets, delivered or collected contact free,, have saved many a flower farmers business, and prevented the waste of much of the early sown flowers now in bloom Support has been hugely welcome, and we must continue to share it.

In support of flower farmer @verdeflowers in Weardale, Co Durham, I share with you these beautiful postcards on sale for £10 + p&p per pack of 8, created to mark the fifth anniversary of their flower business, and available via Verde Flowers direct. These glorious mages are from their resident photographer and beekeeper @rebeccajanefraser who is using the sale proceeds to invest in her new micro-business with honey bees the walled garden there. It has not been an easy time to start a new business.

In these Co-Vid times, it is important to support small businesses by shopping locally and being mindful about what you buy. British flowers have seen an increase in sales, thanks to those who saw how much beauty there was available from local growers, and who chose to buy some of that beauty for their homes.

Thank you to those who bought from me, and who have supported me in many other ways. As a new business, it has been a difficult time, but here at @themindfulseasonalist I'm emerging from lockdown with a sense of the true work of British flowers, what they mean to people, and how much joy and comfort they can bring.

Thank you for your support, and let's look forward to some safer times ahead.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Jane Fraser

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