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Summer Bowls

Learning from within ...

Slowing down, allowing the heart to settle the mind into intuitive creativity is my thing.

It takes some work and control, but I had two lovely students who entrusted themselves to the process this last Sunday, 17 July 2022.

A mum and daughter came to learn how to create bowls of flowers, in a mutually supportive partnership of flowery mum mindfulness.

The image shows my demo bowl; dark and rich. Theirs were full of light and colour. It was a delight to watch them style just a little out of their comfort zone, and yet emerge with bowls to be proud of.

Floral mechanics were, as always, chicken wire and water, and freeing the mind to instinctively know what works best for each of their styles was ultimately liberating.

New learning.

Intuitive floristry teaches us many things; we often understand more about ourselves as part of the slow and thoughtful creative process.

Loved having you with me @georgianhome_on_a_romanroad and @hannahtin6

Flowers from @rosesbythebrook, with additional blooms grown here

My lovely ladies with their glorious summer bowls of blooms.

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