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We all have our seasons

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We all have our seasons; like the natural world around us, we all live and we die. Nature is our teacher. It watches us flourish and it teaches us how we might let go.

Death, too, is our teacher. It perhaps provides us with the greatest lesson of all for it shows us how to live. Yet, many of us fear it, and we may only appreciate the lesson when it's too late. It is now, in the present moment, that we must live our best lives.

I had the privilege this week gone to create a heart wreath for the ending of a dear season.

January gave little in the way of fresh flowers to work with, but it did provide dried flowers from the summer like the Helichrysum and Carthamus that provided the red, orange and yellow requested. January also gave gorgeous foliage such as the Conifer, Fir and Yew. There were three tiny yellow violas planted within the moss base, and catkins, trailing ivy (planted within) as well as ivy trails, like a warm hug, placed around. There was Heather, Birch and Larch, and Holly berries, Skimmia, sprigs of Rosemary, of course, .... and a feather from a passing pheasant.

The winter season regarded as giving very little provided so much in the end for the passing of a much loved soul.

Blessed to spend my time creating this hedgerow heart, and a honour to do so seasonally and within the philosophy of my small business; nothing imported and everything in its natural season.

This wreath will endure for many months if laid to rest in a garden where it will continue to age with beauty and grace, and keep company with the natural world and all its creatures.

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