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Where nature mends us ...

I'm both thankful, and delighted, to have the opportunity to collaborate with @samlesburyhall in the development of their #therapeuticgarden for 2021 and beyond. Flowers and gardening for wellness have been my passion, and this space will fulfil the need that we all have to be outdoors in nature, and breathe in the stillness and the feel good.

Plans are underway for a beautiful space with #socialprescribing at the heart of the garden. Mindfully ....

It will be a place to sit, stay a while, breathe and simply be.

A place to be calm, to self heal, to restore, to find remedy, to thrive.

A place for workshops, creativity, immersion, fulfilment, and expression.

Such a place.

I hope that you will come and join me there once it's open, from summer,onwards. We have such plans! I can't wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, here's a little taste of the Hellebores currently in season and blooming beautiful there.

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