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Updated: Aug 28, 2022

I'm so looking forward to welcoming you to two new workshops added recently to Eventbrite:

The first is a late summer bouquet styling workshop in early September*, and later, in October, an Autumn Wreath workshop. Both are at Samlesbury Hall.

*No longer available.

In each, we will use our time slowly and intuitively to create something beautiful; either hand-tied bouquets or circles of autumnal hedgerows for your doors. Both workshops gift you some time for yourself, and the Wreath workshop also includes a delicious scented soy candle from a maker whose business I supported in lockdown; Ethel & Co.

Come along and spend some time with me. Bring an open mind and a full heart, and share some time for your own creativity in comfortable surroundings, with the gentle sounds of mellow Jazz as a backdrop.

Links to booking are here for you:

Sunday 2nd October 10.30am - Autumn Wreaths:

The Autumn wreath workshop is £55. These are priced sensitively to reflect what's on offer, what's included, and my time with you.

I look forward to having you alongside me.

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